Dignity in Schools Blog

25 Jun

DSC-NY and CDF-NY Organize First Twitter Party


For community members and stakeholders working towards fair and restorative discipline in New York City schools, efforts did not start or end with the hearing. In fact, The Children's Defense Fund-New York (CDF-NY) and the Dignity in Schools Campaign-New York (DSC-NY) worked in collaboration to organize their first-ever “Twitter Party” on the Discipline Code on June 19th. The virtual party focused on raising awareness of the deadline for submitting proposed revisions to the 2013-14 Discipline Code and the need for more progressive and supportive school discipline.

10 Jun

D.O.E. Holds Annual Discipline Code Public Hearing


Members of the Dignity in Schools Campaign - New York, which included students, parents, educators and advocates from across the city, challenged the newest proposed revisions to the 2013-2014 Discipline Code, angered by the lack of significant changes made to address the disproportionate suspension rate of students of color.


04 Jun

Oregon Legislature Passes Bill to Roll Back “Zero Tolerance” Policies


DSC member organization Portland Parent Union successfully pushed for the passage of a bill to reform school discipline and roll back 'zero-tolerance' policies in Oregon. On May 21, 2013, the Oregon legislature passed HB 2192-B, removing mandatory expulsion requirements from the state's school discipline statute. The new legislation will go into effect in July 2014.

23 May

DOE Releases New Draft Discipline Code; Students, Parents, Teachers Say Changes Don't Go Far Enough to Fix Broken System


Youth, parents, teachers and advocates with the Dignity in Schools Campaign-New York (DSC-NY) are challenging the latest draft of the Discipline Code as not going far enough to address the disproportionate suspension of students of color. To send a clear message that more change is needed, DSC-NY is launching a countdown blog highlighting a new suspension story each day between now and June 5th when a public hearing on the Discipline Code will take place.

05 May

New York City Faces School Arrests and Failing Mental Health Programs in Public Schools


Before 6-year old Salecia Johnson was handcuffed in a Georgia classroom and escorted to the local police station after a tantrum last month, a 5-year-old autistic boy in Brooklyn was strapped to a stretcher, hauled out of his Brighton Beach classroom and taken in an ambulance to a psych ward on March 6.

14 Mar

Bronx Youth of Color Most Vulnerable to School Arrests and Summonses


Bronx, NY – On March 8, 2012, the New Settlement Parent Action Committee, and the Dignity in Schools Campaign- New York gathered close to 100 parents, students, educators, and elected officials on the steps of the Bronx Borough President’s office to express their outrage over the Bronx’s shocking rates of school-based arrests and student summonses, and to demand positive disciplinary alternatives. 

29 Feb

Students Rally Against Arrest Rates and Harmful Safety Practices that Target Youth of Color


New York, NY – On average more than five students were arrested every day during the last three months of 2011 – 93.5% of those arrested were Black and Latino. On February 22, 2012 the Dignity in Schools Campaign- New York, a coalition of  students, parents, educators, and advocates, came together with City Council members at One Police Plaza to release student arrest and summons data and demand better school safety policies.

08 Feb

States Should Follow Maryland and Take Action to Curb Suspensions in Schools


By Andrea Bustard, Dignity in Schools Campaign-New York

On January 24, Maryland state school board members announced that they will propose an overhaul of school discipline codes to curb the increasing number of school suspensions. These new regulations would seek to move away from the zero-tolerance policies that have resulted in eight percent of students state-wide being suspended last year, nearly half of whom were suspended for nonviolent offenses.