Policy Alternatives - (Project)

The Alternatives to Zero-Tolerance Working Group develops policy recommendations and national action strategies for promoting positive alternatives to zero-tolerance discipline, such as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, restorative practices, conflict resolution and mediation programs.

Envisioning a Model School Code - ()

Discussion of what schools can do to stop pushout and shift toward a culture that treats students with dignity and respects their right to an education.  Speakers discussed elements of a model school code including preventive disciplinary policies, protocols for police involvement in school, and frameworks for high quality education.  This call was part of an ongoing, collective effort to draft a human rights-based Model School Code that will be discussed at the upcoming ABA-CRLC Children's Rights Summit in Chicago on October 23.

Report on Police in LA Schools - (Blog entry)

The Community Rights Campaign in collaboration with the Los Angeles Chapter of the Dignity in Schools Campaign