Pittsburgh Youth and Parents demand Solutions Not Suspensions! - (Blog entry)

Last month, parents, advocates, and students from our member organizations Action United and the Education Rights Network held a Solutions Not Suspensions rally and testified at the Pittsburgh Public School Board meeting to call for immediate action to end an over reliance on suspensions, especially for the district's youngest students. 

Membership and Decision-Making Policy Updated 2015 - (Document)

Here you will find detailed information on our membership and decision-making policies including our process for internal and external decisions. 

New Federal Discipline Data Shows Racial Disparities Continue - (Blog entry)
New York- Today, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released new data on school discipline revealing that students of color continue to be suspended, expelled and arrested in schools at higher rates than white students, pushing them out of the classroom and into a pipeline to prison and low-wage jobs.
The new data shows that Black students are 3.8 times as likely to receive one or more out-of-school suspensions, and 2.3 times as likely to receive a referral to law enforcement or be subject to a school-related arrest as white students.
MOU Between Denver Public Schools and Denver Police Department - (Document)

Here you will find a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department that clarifies and limits the role of School Resource Officers (SROs), requires meetings between SROs and community stakeholders among other best practices for how to deal with youth in schools.

Strategy Call - (Event)

The Strategy Call  is a space for members to discuss different topics or themes identified each month that impact our work as DSC.

Federal Strategies Call - (Event)

The Federal Strategies call is a space for members to learn about and develop federal policy recommendations and national action strategies for promoting positive alternatives to zero-tolerance discipline, and to plan DSC Days at the Capital. 

Model Code/Moratorium Call - (Event)

The Moratorium/Model Code call is a space for members who have received Moratorium/Model Code support funds to: 1) Provide updates on their local campaigns; and 2) Plan and strategize around implementation of the DSC Model Code on Education and Dignity and the Solutions Not Suspensions Initiative.

Membership Call - (Event)

The DSC Membership calls are a space for members, especially youth, parents and educators who are unable to participate in the daytime calls, to: 1) Learn about successes and challenges from members around the country; 2) Share information and give input into campaign developments and Coordinating Committee updates; and 3) Discuss and vote on major campaign decisions to ensure that D

Strategy Call - (Event)

The Strategy Call  is a space for members to discuss different topics or themes identified each month that impact our work as DSC.

Title VI and Discipline Disparate Impact Claims Presentation May 2016 - (Document)

Here you will find a resource for understanding Title VI and disparate impact claims. The presentation details the effect of the Supreme Court Alexander v. Sandoval case on disparate impact and new legislation that has been proposed by Rep. Bobby Scott that would restore a private right of action to file disparate impact claims under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.