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DSC Press Releases


New York, NY - From October 4 to October 11, members of the Dignity in Schools Campaign-NY are holding speak outs, workshops, and a Town Hall to raise awareness about the harsh school discipline policies that are pushing young people out of school. Youth, parents, and educators are calling on the de Blasio administration to implement positive, effective approaches like restorative practices that use discipline as a teaching—rather than destructive—moment in students' lives.


New York, NY – From October 4 to October 11, the Dignity in Schools Campaign, a national coalition of youth, parents, advocates and educators, will be hosting their 5th Annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout to raise awareness about the harsh school discipline policies that are pushing young people out of school, and to call on policymakers to implement more positive, effective approaches that use discipline as a teaching moment.



October 1, 2014 – States and school districts need to create more accountability over charter schools to end harsh and discriminatory discipline practices and other policies that are pushing young people out of school, according to new guidelines being released by the national Dignity in Schools Campaign, a coalition of 88 organizations from 23 states.


New York, NY, September 3, 2014 – Tomorrow, 1.1 million NYC students will start school without a new discipline code. Community members and elected officials agree changes are needed to create safer and more supportive schools. The Dignity in Schools Campaign-New York, with the support of 16 City Council members and two state assembly members, is calling on the Department of Education (“DOE”) and the de Blasio administration to limit punitive discipline practices and promote positive school climates.


Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) members from around the country will join youth, parents, educators, grassroots and advocacy groups in Jackson, Mississippi for the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Freedom Summer, with a conference and events organized by community leaders in Mississippi. DSC members will celebrate the accomplishments of those who worked to desegregate the nation’s public schools and celebrate those who continue working to ensure the human rights of every child to a quality education and to be treated with dignity.

Contact: Nancy Treviño, (786) 201-8958,
Twitter: @dignityinschool 

On May 19-25, Dignity in Schools Campaign Members Save the Kids and allies will participate in a national week of action to raise awareness about and resist the incarceration of youth and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. There will be over one hundred events and actions during the week of May 19th through May 25th, with more than a hundred sponsors across the U.S. From coast to coast, various organizations are collaborating to hold protests, rallies, teach-ins, workshops, lectures, panels, conferences, potlucks, sit-ins, parades, film screenings, and other creative endeavors in solidarity with the week of action and to speak out against the incarceration of youth. This movement is generating tremendous grassroots momentum and essential dialogue surrounding the school to prison pipeline and the incarceration of youth.


DETROIT, MI - On April 21-23, Dignity in Schools Campaign members YOUTH VOICE and their allies will be walking from Detroit to Lansing to ensure all Michigan youth receive a quality education. So far the group has completed 28 miles of the 80 mile stretch to Lansing. The group will hold a press conference on the steps of the state capitol building at 10:00am on April 23, which will include testimonies from students impacted by zero tolerance policy and advocates working to reform state law. The walk seeks to bring attention to the alarming number of unjust suspensions and expulsions. 


Dayton, OH- On Tuesday, April 15 at 6 p.m. at the Dayton Public School Board Meeting Racial Justice Now! (RJN) of Dayton, Ohio will launch a campaign calling for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions in Pre-K and early school grades, and for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions for minor behavior infractions in all grades. RJN will present the school board with an opportunity to be a leader in eliminating the School-to-Prison Pipeline by introducing a comprehensive discipline policy to significantly reduce out-of-school suspension and eliminate racial disparities in discipline.


Washington D.C.- On Monday March 24th students, parents and teachers from 13 states across the country rallied at the U.S. Capitol to release School Discipline Assessments that compare new federal School Discipline Guidance released in January with local school district policies in Wake County, NC and San Francisco, CA. The School Discipline Assessments describe the lack of guidelines and accountability over the role of School Resource Officers in Wake County, NC schools where students have been arrested for water balloon fights. In San Francisco, a district where African American students make up only 10% of the student population but 50% of suspensions, the Assessment highlights a new School Board Resolution passed this year that will support increased training in cultural competency and funding for restorative practices.