Resources on Your State

The DSC is gathering Know Your Rights booklets for youth, Advocacy Guides for parents and other materials from states around the country.


Redefining Dignity in Our Schools (Document)

The report, which is the culmination of two years of comprehensive monitoring by South LA parents and parent organizers from CADRE, attorneys and researchers, analyzes the extent of implementation of

Redefining Dignity in Our Schools: A Shadow Report on School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Implementation in South Los Angeles, 2007-2010 (Document)

A collective report from CADRE, Public Counsel Law Center, and Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc.

School-based restorative justice as an alternative to zero-tolerance policies: Lessons from West Oakland (2010) (Research Report/Paper)

A pilot program to change how teachers and administrators respond to student misbehavior at an Oakland middle school led to a dramatic drop in suspensions and expulsions. During a one-year implementation of the alternative “restorative justice” program, suspensions dropped by 87 percent and expulsions dropped to zero.

Solutions for Los Angeles Schools Police Department: A Blueprint for School Police Reform (2010) (Document)

The Community Rights Campaign and DSC-LA recently re-released this report, Solutions for Los Angeles Schools Police Department: A Blueprint for School Police Reform.  You can read more about this on the blog.

The Dropout/Graduation Crisis Among American Indian and Alaska Native Students (2010) (Document)

This paper examines the graduation/dropout crisis among American Indian and Alaska Native students using data from the National Center for Education Statistics. Data from 2005 is drawn from the seven states with the highest percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native students as well as five states in the Pacific and Northwestern regions of the United States.

United Students Survey Results, InnerCity Struggle (Document)

Results of a survey conducted by United Students members, an organizing project at InnerCity Struggle in East Los Angeles.

Using Transfers to Alternative Schools to Avoid Responsibility for Low-Performing Students in California (Document)

"Improving Alternative Education in California," Legislative Analyst's Office (2007).


Denver Community Accountability Report Card 2016 (Document)

On April 2016 our member Padres y Jovenes Unidos released their 5th Annual Denver Community Accountability Report Card and awarded Denver Public Schools an overall C+ for the 2014-15 school year.

Denver, CO - Week of Action Events (Web Resource)

Parents and youth hosted an action to celebrate Conflict Resolution Month and raise awareness of the over-criminalization of students. Youth and parents have worked closely together in Denver to ensure the implementation of restorative justices practices in Denver schools.