Resources on Your State

The DSC is gathering Know Your Rights booklets for youth, Advocacy Guides for parents and other materials from states around the country.


MOU Between Denver Public Schools and Denver Police Department (Document)

Here you will find a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Police Department that clarifies and limits the role of School Resource Officers (SROs), requires meetings between SROs and community stakeholders among other best practices for how to deal with youth in schools.

Padres & Jovenes Unidos (Document)

With roots in the struggle for educational justice, Padres & Jovenes Unidos has evolved into a multi-generational organization led by people of color who work for equality and justice in educat

Restorative Practices: Transforming School Culture & Ending the School to Prison Pipeline (2010) (Audio)

Dan Jones of On Blast, the youth-produced radio show of the Philadelphia Student Union, interviews Lalo Montoya of Padres y Jóvenes Unidos about the organization's success in getting restorative practices implemented in Denver schools.


Guide for Parent Advocacy under NCLB (Document)

A Connecticut Parent's Guide to Advocating for Equal Educational Opportunities from the Lawyers C

The ABCs of staying in touch with your school (Document)

This tip sheets is from the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center.

  "The ABCs of staying in touch with your school"


Overview of Fourteen Southern States' Suspension Laws (2010) (Document)

A detailed overview of school discipline policies in fourteen southern states in five key areas: 1) Suspension procedures; 2) Appeals process; 3) Conditions for admittance/readmittance to other district in state 4) Alternative education. 

Still Haven’t Shut Off the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Evaluating the Impact of Florida’s New Zero-Tolerance Law (Document)

It was only five years ago that two police officers pinned down five-year-old kindergarten student Ja’eisha Scott down onto a table, handcuffed her, and dragged her out of school and into a police cruiser after throwing a tantrum during a jelly bean counting game.1 They then refused to release Ja’eisha into her mother’s cus- tody, keeping her in the back of the car for hours.