Resources on Your State

The DSC is gathering Know Your Rights booklets for youth, Advocacy Guides for parents and other materials from states around the country.


Parent to Parent Restorative Justice Guide Updated 2015- English (Document)

Dear Friends,

For too many of our children, “school discipline” has meant getting suspended or expelled—starting as young as kindergarten—being arrested, even in grade school—and ending up on the streets or in jail—without an education.

Policing Chicago Public Schools: A Gateway to the School-to-Pipeline (Research Report/Paper)

Project NIA is pleased to announce the release of a new report titled Policing Chicago Public Schools: A Gateway to the School-to-Pipeline co-authored by Mariame Kaba and Frank Edwards.

Returning to School Yields Economic Benefits for Individuals and Society in Illinois (Document)

“The Lifetime Fiscal Benefits to Illinois Taxpayers and Individuals Who Return and Finish High School,” Center for Labor Market Studies.

Southwest Youth Collaborative (SWYC) (Document)

SWYC builds power and self-determination among low-income youth and families and seeks to create a leadership and power base for disenfranchised young people and their families.

Student-Led Solutions to the Nation's Dropout Crisis (Document)

The state of the dropout crisis in America is well known and documented.

Supporting Quality Alternative Schools in Chicago (Document)

Alternative Schools Network, Chicago.

The Prison Industrial Complex Zine (Document)

From the Chicago PIC Teaching Collective:


A History and Critique of the Effectiveness of Zero-Tolerance Discipline (Document)

"Zero Tolerance, Zero Evidence: An Analysis of School Disciplinary Practices," Indiana Education Policy Center (2000).

Disproportionate Suspensions and Expulsion for Students with Disabilities (Document)

“Discipline, Disability and Race: Disproportionality in Indiana Schools,” Education Policy Brief, Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, Vol. 4, No. 10 (Fall 2006).

Test 1,2,3 document (Document)