Day 2: #DSCWoA2017 Twitter Chat Tonight at 8pm est

DSC takes to Twitter for the second day of the 2017 Week of Action, you can follow #DSCWoA2017 #EdIsAHumanRight to join in! We will engage in Q & A about school pushout and cultural resistance in education. We especially want to hear from students and parents about your experiences in schools.


Use the hashtags #DSCWoA2017 #EndSchoolPushout #EdIsAHumanRight #ClassroomsRising #WeChoose and highlight our National Demands #1-6 with the following sample tweets:

  • Sign up for #DSCWoA2017 Thunderclap to promote Twitter Chat Tonight at 8pm est & Two-Day Natl Event 10/23-10/24


  • Share #DSCWoA2017 Natl Demands for federal, state and local policy-makers to adopt #EdIsAHumanRight


  • Follow #DSCWoA2017 & #JustSchools for #ClassroomsRising Event 10/23 w/ @DavidBanner #TheGodBox

Our member Nollie Jenkins Family Center will be hosting a Teach-In today from 11:00am – 2:00pm at 417 N. Lexington Street in Durant, Mississippi. Students, parents, elected and public officials, and child-servicing agencies in Holmes County will learn about the experiences of Black girls and their increasing rate of incarceration, dropout, and alternative school placement because of zero-tolerance policies that disproportionately push them out of school.