School to Deportation Pipeline Know Your Rights Guides

A small group of members has been meeting to discuss the School to Deportation Pipeline, how immigrant and undocumented youth in schools can face immigration consequences such as detention and deportation when law enforcement are allowed in and around schools or involved in school discipline related matters.
We wanted to share some of the resources that small group has compiled in case some may be of assistance to you in your community (links below) and also to reiterate our position as a campaign, as outlined in our Counselors Not Cops recommendations:
  1. Safe schools must be created through positive safety and discipline practices, not law enforcement and criminalization.
  2. No law enforcement, including immigration officials, should be in schools on a regular basis.
  3. There must be restrictions on what law enforcement can and can’t do when they enter a school, including not being able to arrest, question or detain a student for a non- school related matter (which would include ICE investigating anything related to a person’s immigration status).
When we drafted Counselors Not Cops, members were clear that we needed to include ICE and other immigration officials in the list of law enforcement our recommendations applied to, because the School to Deportation Pipeline is not new. However, it does appear that under this explicitly anti-immigrant administration there is an increased threat of detention and deportation, so we wanted to make sure that we were very clear that our position was always intended to be inclusive of the particular experiences of immigrant and undocumented students and their families.
Black Alliance for Just Immigration:
California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance:
United We Dream:
Immigrant Defense Project:
  • Know Your Rights with ICE (2-page flyer)
  • “Immigration Arrests in the Community: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Rights,”
  • Poster to document a home raid

Preparing for ICE Raids: How to Designate Someone to Care for Your Child