Student-Parent Handbook: School Discipline, School Pushout, Student-Parent Handbook

This Model Student and Parent Handbook for schools and districts from Southern Echo in Mississippi is where the rules and regulations are set out on the record for everyone to understand as the framework by which the school district is committed to operate. Fair and just policies designed to keep students in school where they can learn can be incorporated into your district’s handbooks so that policies and practices which push students out can be terminated. This process requires that community education stakeholders come together to work for these kinds of revisions to their handbooks, which may not be achieved all at once, but which over a period of time can vastly improve and transform the culture and quality of education in the local schools. This resource is based on work in Jackson, MS but can be utilized in your local school districts. This resource includes two Southern Echo offerings: 1) Student-Parent Handbook Brief Summary and 2) Complete Student-Parent Handbook.

Southern Echo Model Student and Parent Handbook