“The Law is Still the Law” – Action Kit for the Rescinding of the School Discipline Guidance and the Commission on School Safety Report

Breaking News: Michigan has just passed the Resolution on Dignity in Schools using language from our template! Congratulations DSC member Student Advocacy Center of Michigan!

In December 2018,  the Federal Commission on School Safety released their Report which was followed several days later by the rescinding of the Federal School Discipline Guidance.

ACTION ALERT – Call on your district and state officials to pledge to uphold the principles of the school discipline guidance


  • The commission was formed after the Parkland shooting to develop recommendations to address gun violence in schools. Among the recommendations it made, it recommended rescinding of the federal school discipline guidance (which happened 3 days later).
  • The Federal School Discipline Guidance Package was released in 2014 after years of work pushing to put something like it in place, including by DSC members. It names the existing laws that all schools must follow to avoid discrimination based on race in school discipline. It didn’t create any new laws, but it did give more clarity and provided tons of resources for schools and districts.  It was identified early on as something the DeVos/Trump administration wanted to get rid of, and it happened on the Friday afternoon before Christmas.

Statements from DSC and Allies:

What does this mean for our work against school pushout?

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Resources for Responding to the Rescinding of the School Discipline Guidance and Commission Report (more coming soon!)