Restorative and Transformative Justice Toolkit

COFI/POWERPAC – Administrator Guide – Implementing Parent Engagement

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This document originates from state legislative work COFI was a part of in 2016. We were able to win changes to the IL School Code through SB 0100 which resulted in “Public Act 99-0456.” The new law raised the bar for district collaboration with parents and community to revise local Student Code of Conduct policies, restricted zero-tolerance responses and the length of out-of-school suspensions statewide, defined clearer guidelines for re-integrating students that are subject to exclusionary discipline practices, and placed a greater emphasis on Restorative Justice as a school climate practice. The Guide I’m sharing is meant provide administrators with examples of how to engage parents in the context of the new laws. The document specifically lays out how administrators can contribute to building knowledge of Restorative Justice among parents, and partner with parents to implement RJ and build a more supportive school climate.

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