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Schott Foundation: A 30-year Fight for School Funding Equity Ends in a Resounding Victory 4/9/2021

The 2021-22 New York State budget meets a thirty-year-old demand and thirteen-year-old broken promise: equitably fund New York State's public schools so that no matter what zip code a child resides in, there is a baseline of quality their public schools…


Frame our Future: Discussing Principles for Data Analytics In Education 2/18/2021

This is a critical conversation that we need to be having in education and as a society. I genuinely hope you will be part of the discussion and seek solutions with us as we take a deep dive into how…


Black History Readings for 2021 2/4/2021

#BlackHistoryMonth has too often been reduced to lists of Black Firsts (with no mention of the social context these people and their accomplishments came out of), MLK quotes stripped from the life, action and politics of…


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