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Sign the Petition to Keep Portland Police out of Schools! 1/17/2019

One of our members, the Portland Parent Union is in the midst of organizing and advocating against the Portland Public School Board's proposal to pay Portland Police to be in Portland Public Schools. We invite you to join us…


MLK the AYA Way 1/15/2019

From AYA Educational Institute: Don't let others interpret or summarize MLK. Here are excerpts from his speeches that will strengthen our fighting spirit. MLK: "If you've not found something so dear to you that you're willing to die for…


DSC Member CADRE’s Statement on UTLA Strike 1/15/2019

By Maisie Chin: Despite what feels like the usual last-minute courting of parent support, CADRE parent leaders have elected to stand in solidarity with this strike as an organization.  We know that striking teachers and sympathy striking school staff are…


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