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Free eRead: The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale 5/4/2021

Download the ebook here. Shout out to Noname Book Club ( for the plug! From Verso: Recent years have seen an explosion of protest against police brutality and repression. Among activists, journalists and politicians, the conversation about how…


Schott Foundation: A 30-year Fight for School Funding Equity Ends in a Resounding Victory 4/9/2021

The 2021-22 New York State budget meets a thirty-year-old demand and thirteen-year-old broken promise: equitably fund New York State's public schools so that no matter what zip code a child resides in, there is a baseline of quality their public schools…


Frame our Future: Discussing Principles for Data Analytics In Education 2/18/2021

This is a critical conversation that we need to be having in education and as a society. I genuinely hope you will be part of the discussion and seek solutions with us as we take a deep dive into how…


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