National Week of Action

Welcome to our 13th Annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout. Our theme this year is Building the Schools our Communities Deserve NOW!  Join us as DSC members and allies hold events and actions across the country.

From October 8th-16th, grassroots organizers, student and parent groups, education advocates and many others will join members of the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC), for their National Week of Action Against School Pushout. As a part of their annual mass education campaign to raise awareness and inspire collective action against the ongoing and devastating impacts of school policing and zero-tolerance discipline policies, DSC supports and co-coordinates events, teach-ins, rallies, protests and workshops across the county. Given the multitude of issues presently facing present and future generations — chief among them climate change and the political sprint to the right — the urgency to prepare young people to effectively participate in meaningful change cannot be emphasized enough. 

This year’s theme, Building the Schools our Communities Deserve NOW!, draws on the enduring strength of collective work and responsibility at the grassroots level. DSC members aim to construct a reality where student safety begins with a foundation of culturally-responsive, caring adults in schools who can meet students’ needs, work with students to prevent, process and respond to conflicts, while fostering positive learning environments. Police aren’t trained to do any of that. Healthy relationships are built on trust, communication, shared power and mutual respect. Healthy relationships can’t be built when legal and extralegal force can be employed by only one party in that interaction. The institution of policing, and by extension police officers, are incapable of providing the positive reinforcements that our schools and communities need.

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