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Calls for #CounselorsNotCops and #DefundThePolice bring new life and meaning to the timeless wisdom of #NoJusticeNoPeace, #NothingToLoseButOurChains and #BlackLivesMatter. Students, parents, teachers… babies(!) are all taking to the streets, to social media, and to school board meetings to challenge systemic racism and dismantle criminalizing learning environments. Our Counselors Not Cops campaign offers a set of policy recommendations and organizing points to call on schools, districts, states, and federal policy-makers to remove any law enforcement assigned to be present on a regular basis in school. Through our combined effort, DSC members nation-wide have won major victories in places like Denver, Madison, Minneapolis, Portland, and Oakland. Members nationwide are continuing to organize, amplify and fight to decriminalize learning environments. Your financial contributions help increase member capacity and effectiveness towards this end.

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