The DSC Days at the Capitol brings together parents, students, educators and education advocates who seek to raise awareness and build support for urgently needed school discipline reform. For the Days at the Capitol, members of the DSC travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with staff at the US Department of Education, and members of the US Senate and House of Representatives to advocate for positive improvements in school discipline policy and to end school pushout.

Since the first Days at the Capitol in 2010, we have held over a dozen events often with 50 or more people in attendance representing states across the county. During our prep sessions, we go over the basics of what we are focusing on during the meetings, and do role plays to practice. For some members, this is the first time they have met one of their elected representatives, while others are seasoned experts that can share what they’ve learned over the years. As Congress attempted to pass new versions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (now ESSA), DSC members were there to speak to the impacts in their communities of different proposed policies.

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