CJSF – Recommendations on School Climate, Discipline, and Safety

Repost from December 18, 2020

These recommendations are sent on behalf of the Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF). Our 60 partner organizations’ efforts to improve school discipline and climate and ensure holistic safety span more than 31 states and have positively impacted  millions  of students, parents and educators. They organize young people, parents and caregivers, educators, and others to advocate on behalf of students who are disproportionately impacted by the overuse of exclusionary school discipline and law enforcement interventions in and around schools. Their advocacy sheds light upon the fact that, in many places, there are far too many students who find themselves being policed and targeted for exclusion from their schools because of flawed policies and practices and biased perceptions of them and their communities. Their organizing has been crucial in illuminating the need for and value of meaningful engagement with young people and their families, the lack of which exacerbates negative perceptions. 

Read the full list of recommendations here.