Day 6: Join the #RunTellDat Youth Twitter Townhall Tonight

We’re keeping the momentum going today both on the ground and on social media. We’ve got events in 6 cities today, and our youth members are leading a twitter townhall TODAY at 6pm est/5pm cst/4pm mst/3pm pst.  Use #RunTellDat and #DSCWoA2019 to join the discussion!

Local Events on Thursday, October 24

Phoenix, AZ – ACLU-AZ’s Demand 2 Learn will host  a night of awareness and community building. Our messaging for this event is to protect the dignity of all students by funding supportive resources such as counselors and mental health professionals, and to stop the arrests, school removal and pushout of Black and Brown students in Arizona. From 6:00pm –  9:00pm. For more information contact: 

Washington, DC- Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc. is hosting a Family, Community, Law Student and Attorney Training on School Discipline at 6pm est.  Learn how to enforce DC’s new Fair Access to Schools Law. Located at the University of DC Law School, 4340 Connecticut Ave, bldg 52. For more information contact or

Tunica, MS – Tunica Teens in Action will be having a Rally/Meeting with Conservator/Interim Superintendent of Education to put a moratorium on suspensions by using the Model Code. For more information contact:

Seaside, CA – Building Healthy Communities will host the Redefining a Healthy Education Environment event at 6pm for Seaside youth to tell their stories about how SRO’s have impacted them. The event will also include a presentation on the school to prison pipeline. Contact: Rosalyn Green 831-901-9180

Members in Mississippi continue events throughout the Week of Action, including Facebook Live testimonies from Fannie Lou Hamer Center and daily events from Sunflower County Parents and Students United.

In California, CADRE continues classroom observations all week and other members of DSC-California continue to post videos and gather sign-ons for the solidarity pledge in support of Black Organizing Project’s campaign to remove police from Oakland schools by 2020.

Social Media for #DSCWoA2019 Demand #5

On social media, we are using #DSCWoA2019 #RunTellDat #EducateStudentsStopArrests #WeChoose for our Demand #5: Fund public education, not publicly funded, privately managed charter schools.

TONIGHT is our Twitter Townhall! Be sure to promote the event and to join the conversation! 

Sample tweets:

  • DSC #RunTellDat Twitter Townhall TODAY! Join us at 6pm est/5pm cst/4pm mst/3pm pst Use #RunTellDat and #DSCWoA2019 to join the discussion!
  • We demand that @usedgov and [enter your state dept of ed or local policy-maker] invest in public education & divest from privatization and publicly funded, privately run charter schools #WeChoose #DSCWoA2019