Day 9: Week of Action Wraps-Up – Share Your Photos and Videos!

Today our Week of Action wraps up with a Juvenile Justice Month event in Chicago, IL with MomsRising from 12pm-2pm at Middle Brow Bungalow at 2840 W Armitage Ave. There will be free brunch, coloring books, t-shirts, face painting and opportunities to take action for Juvenile Justice! RSVP here.

Members continue to hold events in the coming week, including two on Monday, October 28th: a School Board Action in Madison, WI with Freedom, Inc (click here for more information) and an Equity Bus Tour in Paterson, NJ with Paterson Education Fund.

Today on social media we are asking members and allies to share photos and videos from their Week of Action events and to share your goals for the coming year! We will be using #DSCWoA2019 #EndSchoolPushout #EducateStudentsStopArrests #DSCGoals2020

Sample Tweet:

  • Our #DSCGoals2020 are to expand #RestorativeJustice in [name of your district] and to demand #CounselorsNotCops in our schools! #EducateStudentsStopArrets #DSCWoA2019