DSC’s Compiled Resources on ICE Raids and Immigrants Rights

As many of you may be aware, there have been a series of actions taken by immigration officials last week and this weekend targetting immigrants in several cities and states across the country, including raids, interrogations and detention. Given that this may impact many of our members and their communities, we wanted to compile some of the resources we have seen shared in response. We plan to add all these to a new page on our website as well. Since this is not our area of experise we have probably left some resources out, so please reach out to us with any addtional things you’d like us to share with other members. We are especially looking for more resources specifically about schools (rights of immigrant students and parents, what to do if ICE or border patrol agents come on school grounds, steps schools and districts can take to protect students and parents, etc).

New Video Resource: 6 Tips for Bystander Intervention During Racist Attacks: