DSC Monthly Calls

Contact info@dignityinschools.org to receive the call in information for the calls below.

Monthly Membership Call

3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm est/6pm cst/5pm mst/4pm pst

The DSC Membership calls are a space for members, especially youth, parents and educators who are unable to participate in the daytime calls, to: 1) Learn about successes and challenges from members around the country; 2) Share information and give input into campaign developments and Coordinating Committee updates; and 3) Discuss and vote on major campaign decisions to ensure that DSC campaigns and committees are accountable to the wider DSC Membership.

Strategy Call

1st Thursday at 2pm est/1pm cst/12pm mst/11am pst

The Strategy Call is a space for members to discuss different topics or themes identified each month that impact our work as DSC. These may include: 1) Strategizing about specific issues related to school pushout, such as police in schools; 2) Considering whether DSC should take on new projects or activities; or 3) Giving input into planning for upcoming DSC events or activities.

Federal Strategies Call

4th Thursday of every month at 2pm est/1pm cst/12pm mst/11am pst

The Federal Strategies call is a space for members to learn about and develop federal policy recommendations and national action strategies for promoting positive alternatives to zero-tolerance discipline, and to plan DSC Days at the Capital.