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Our society is designed to maintain racial and class-based inequity, and schools reflect and perpetuate this status quo. New systems, policies and pedagogy must actively undo this damage. The DSC started in 2006 when local grassroots and advocacy groups fighting to end school pushout came together to share information and strategies and build a common framework for dignity and human rights in our schools. In the 13 years since, our work has been to build national awareness of school pushout and of community-based solutions to generate support from policy-makers and the general public. We’ve worked to create systemic change by continuously build our collective capacity to address rootcauses and develop our broader political analysis.

We do this becasuse we envision a public school system that values students, parents and communities as decision-makers with a fundamental human right to shape their education. In this educational system, schools are safe, healthy and nurturing environments where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our greatest vision is to create healthy, restorative public schools with community peacebuilders and counselors instead of police, corporal punishment, metal detectors and militarization. We endeavor to create culturally responsive schools including building school climates, developing curriculum and teaching practices to address white supremacy, inequity and implicit and explicit bias. We unapologetically aim to radically transform our schools and communities through building alliances among parents, students, grassroots coalitions, advocacy groups, researchers, professional associations and others to support the movement on the ground.

When you support us, you’re supporting over 100 organizations across 26 states. You’re supporting leadership development. You’re supporting capacity-building. You’re making a significant investment in securing local victories for our children. This upcoming #givingtuesday, make a #donation to this work.

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