Lift us Up Don’t Push us Out Available Now!

We’re excited to announce that our collaborative book,Lift us Up, Don’t Push us Out: Voices from the Frontlines of the Educational Justice Movement’ is out now! Also known as ‘Lift Us Up!’, the book features voices from the frontlines of a new movement for educational justice that is growing across the United States. Each of the 21 contributors help tell the story of how black and brown parents, students, educators, and their allies are fighting back against profound and systemic inequities and mistreatment of children of color in low-income communities. Learn more at

Our wish is for this work to be a positive contribution to the amazing work towards education justice that’s happened over the last 15 years, and; through its stories, give readers (and activists alike) the opportunity to glean tools, wisdom, inspiration and strategies to utilize in their own communities. We invite and encourage you to share this announcement with your personal, professional and organizational networks also!

From contributor Zakiya Sankara-Jabar:

“I felt it was important to contribute a story, particularly from black parents’ perspective. For me, I came to this work really organically, responding to my son at the time who was being pushed out of preschool. Just as a response, pushing back, not accepting the narrative that the school system was providing regarding my son, asking questions, but not only that, taking it a step further to engage other black parents in that same space, to ask them the same question, “Are you having this experience?”


“When I realized that it wasn’t just me and this was much bigger and had been happening for decades in this country, I felt the need to start an organization to continue to organize our particular community, the parents, to push back on the cradle-to-prison pipeline, and make sure that black parents knew they had a voice, that they had a right to speak up, that they had a right to ask questions, and that they had a right not accept what the school system was saying about our children.”


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