Stop funding for police in Portland Schools

We hope that you are doing well!  Our DSC member group Portland Parent Union (PPU) in Portland, OR reached out to ask for DSC’s support to oppose a School Board Resolution that just passed for Portland Public Schools to pay the Portland Police Bureau to have armed police patrol schools. Tomorrow, on December 19th, City Council is meeting and will vote on funding the school board resolution.
We are asking folks to support PPU in pushing back. There are two things you can do:
1) Write to the City Council and School Board – Attached is our draft letter from the Dignity in Schools Campaign. We wanted to ask if you would consider adapting this letter or sending something similar to City Council members and the school board. I’ve attached the contact list with emails for the elected officials as well.
2) Sign and circulate the petition – PPU also posted the letter as a petition and would love for folks to sign-on!
For background information, here is a news article on the school board resolution –
And here is the testimony from the ACLU in Portland –
Here are the documents you can use to reach Portland School Board Members, as well as a draft letter you can edit to for your organization:
Thanks so much!